Work Injury Rehabilitation

Ortho Go Physical And Aquatic Therapy rehabilitates workers in McHenry, Illinois. In addition to rehabilitating workers injuries, our functional job analysis and simulation exercises in telling you what physical abilities are required to perform a specific job.

Industrial Wellness

We are part of a nationwide network of providers trained in scientifically-proven and standardized methods of evaluating, educating, and treating work forces. This is done to outline using approaches originally developed by leaders in the field, Dennis and Susan Isernhagen of Duluth, Minnesota. From assessing a given job's tasks to worker education and rehabilitation, Work Well Systems and DSI Work Solutions have all these bases covered.

Functional Job Analysis

We evaluate each job and its individual tasks. This is done to outline the best posture workers should use to decrease injury.

Pre-Work Screening

Once a job's physical requirements are known, a test is developed to place the right person in the appropriate job from a physical standpoint. The benefits include fewer chances of worker injuries and increased productivity due to physical fitness.

Work Rehabilitation

Otherwise known as work hardening/conditioning, this program is done in our clinic. Using strength, endurance, or aerobic fitness, and job simulation components we focus on injured workers who want to get back in shape and return to full-time employment.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

A one or two-day test is performed to accurately determine what an employee's maximum abilities are. We suggest combining this with our ergonomics test.

Ergonomics Assessment

This is an evaluation of workstations and workers' positions. We recommend modifications when necessary to reduce stress, strain, and chances of potential injuries.

Can be tailored to an employers needs for safe lifting, carrying, and ergonomics. This could potentially discount premiums from your workman's comp carrier.