Are You Worried that Poor Balance Has Become an Issue in Your Life?

Are You Worried that Poor Balance Has Become an Issue in Your Life?

See Our McHenry, IL Physical Therapist for Fall Prevention and Balance Therapy

A common concern we see at Ortho Go Physical Therapy is patients that are worried about balance issues, and are at risk to fall and be injured. There are a myriad of reasons that would cause a balance issue, as well as environment and workplace hazards our patients can be exposed to. No matter what the reason is, our physical therapist has the experience to understand your situation and put together a plan that will help you prevent falls.

Is Fall Prevention and Balance Therapy Right for Me?

Many people think that poor balance is something that they'll have to deal with, and cannot be improved. However, we've been successful in improving balance and preventing the risk of falls under the following circumstances:

  • Vestibular Conditions: These conditions, including Vertigo, typically affect the inner ear and sensory systems.
  • Poor Posture: Balance, strength and posture are all closely related. Looking down frequently and other posture issues can lead to a balance problem
  • Weak Legs: Injuries and medical conditions, along with the aging process, are common causes that can lead to weakness or decreased feeling in the legs which increases the likelihood of a fall.
  • Hazardous Work Environment: We're experienced in industrial wellness and helping workers prevent injury on the job. If you work around hazardous cords, throw rugs, or slippery surfaces, we can help you with fall prevention.

  • If you're concerned that a balance issue or risk of falling will affect your work or personal life, contact us at (815)-344-9727 to set up a consultation. Our McHenry, IL based physical therapist will take the time to develop a plan individualized for you.