Functional Results-Oriented Orthopaedic Physical Therapy

We place an emphasis on patient education, including how to use proper body mechanics and postures. Patient education is critical in getting the most out of a treatment. The better one understands how the body works, the more successful treatment will be.

Business owners can benefit through detailed job analyses. Educating the worker in safe work techniques, in a safe environment reducing injuries and maximizing overall productivity.

The McKenzie Method is both a cost and time-effective means to treat your joint pain. It is important to realize that pain is a sign rather than a problem. We believe that long-term success is achieved by learning self-treatment methods and the dos and don'ts of preventing worsening pain.

About Us

Ortho Go Physical Therapy specializes in orthopedics and the care of musculoskeletal disorders. Based in McHenry, Illinois, we use a patient-centered approach to empower you throughout your recovery. We provide a variety of therapies for bone, joint, muscle, and neurological problems. This includes the functional assessment and rehabilitation for activities of daily living, as well as industrial and sports applications.

One-on-one care is the way we have done business since 1988. You will find that we aren't a big-box clinic or mega corporation. Instead, we are a private practice that cares about your success and well being. There are no never-ending treatments like some practitioners. We are always available to help or just answer questions. Our goal is to facilitate your healing and teach you how to stay well.

As a part of our initiative to offer more user-friendly features to our patients, we now offer a mobile-friendly site to look up information on-the-go. Other advantages include no administrative fees and private treatment rooms. YOUR HEALTH, OUR EXPERTISE, YOUR CHOICE !


"Ortho Go is the best place to go for any physical therapy; learning to use swimming therapy to assist my recent sciatic flareup and received excellent treatment here. This place is the best and the care is centered around a person's unique needs. Thanks for all your help."

"Love the one on one therapy. Been to other places where they just say do your exercises. At Ortho Go, you aren't just a random patient, you are someone they care about and want to serve and help you in the best possible way."

Marcy G.


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We follow all HIPAA guidelines and unless requested by the patient, physician or attorney (subpoena) your information is held in the strictest confidence.