Spinal Pain

Spinal Pain

Are you suffering from Neck or Back pain? Contact Scott J. Schultz PT, Cert MDT and find out how we can help!

Those who have suffered from Neck or Back pain know how debilitating it can be. A once active, productive individual can be almost completely sidelined by spinal pain. Scott J. Schultz PT, Cert MDT has been helping McHenry, IL patients find relief from their neck and back pain since 1988.

Using manual therapy techniques coupled with stretching and strengthening exercises, Ortho Go Physical & Aquatic therapy has treated many patients’ neck pain without ever having to go under the knife. Expenditures for Neck and Back pain are behind only heart disease and stroke. Before you default to costly and difficult to recover from operations, see our Physical Therapist for a quality care experience.

We place an emphasis on patient education, so our clients understand the root causes of the Neck and Back pain afflicting them. Working together with each individual, a proper diagnosis is given and a treatment plan is custom-fit to your needs and goals.

If you’re ready to feel better and manage your spinal pain, contact Ortho Go Physical & Aquatic Therapy today at (815) 344-9727!