PAR Golf Program

PAR Golf Program

Improve Your Swing and Performance

Ortho Go Physical Therapy developed the PAR Golf Program for our patients who want golf exercises in conjunction with physical therapy. The program is done onsite in our McHenry, Illinois, clinic, featuring a variety of exercise tools to assist in attaining your performance goals. In addition, you will receive a home program to independently expedite your progress.

Whether you're a serious golfer or a hobbyist, our program has different options for everyone. Give our clinic a call to schedule a consultation today!

The Performance Track

This focuses on a healthy golfers' most important equipment - the body. With a physical and video swing assessment, a customized exercise program is developed to achieve your goals. Get tips to enhance your technique and make improvements when it comes to:

  • Lack Of Distance
  • Endurance Levels
  • Backswing
  • Follow-Through Limitations

The Rehabilitation Track

This program is ideal if you have a physical issue that prevents you from enjoying the game. We recommend physical therapy before signing up. Our track may include a video swing assessment similar to the Performance Track.

It is important to note that our PAR Golf Program is not a replacement for professional golf instruction. It may however accentuate those lessons and techniques as provided by a PGA™ professional. The PAR Golf Program is not generally covered by insurance policies, however, payment plans are available. In addition, it is always advisable to receive a clean bill of health before beginning any exercise regimen.

To learn more about our PAR Golf Program, call us at (815)-344-9727 to set up a consultation.