Pre-Employment Screenings in McHenry, IL

Pre-Employment Screenings in McHenry, IL

Confidently outsource your pre-employment screenings

What if you could determine if a candidate will be a good fit for the job before you hire the person? You can with help from Ortho Go Physical Therapy in McHenry, IL. We offer functional job analysis and pre-employment screenings designed to help your company figure out who will be a good fit for certain jobs.

By taking this approach to hiring, you can protect your company from issues in the long run, such as workers' compensation claims. Call us today to discuss your specific pre-employment screening needs.

Learn more about our pre-employment screening process

If you've ever had issues with workers' comp in your place of business, you understand how important it is to fully vet potential new hires. Our pre-employment screening process involves:

  • Gaining an understanding of the requirements of a position that you offer.
  • Performing a functional job analysis, which is a detail description of job duties.
  • Customizing a test that potential new hires will take as a part of a pre-work screening.
  • Testing candidates' abilities, such as range of motion, heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Determining if a candidate is capable of performing the duties of the job safely.
Call us today to learn more about what Ortho Go Physical Therapy can do for your business. You can finally outsource your pre-employment screenings with confidence, allowing for peace of mind when your focus needs to be elsewhere.