Strengthen Trouble Areas Without Stressing Aching Joints

Strengthen Trouble Areas Without Stressing Aching Joints

Learn more about Unweighted Therapy in McHenry, IL

Are you suffering from arthritis or recovering from an injury? The rehab and recovery process can be extremely difficult if you're not able to rebuild and strengthen the problem areas. With unweighted therapy at Ortho Go Physical Therapy, you can do just that without placing unnecessary stress on your joints. Our LiteGait equipment (unweighted therapy machine) reduces the weight and allows you to perform a wide array of exercises that our physical therapist will outline for you.

If you're searching for a way to rehab your aching joints or alleviate arthritis, look no further than unweighted therapy.

What are the Benefits of Unweighted Therapy?

Advances in mobility research have allowed for the development of this breakthrough technology. Our unweighted therapy allows for exercises on a treadmill or on ground, and provides the follow benefits during the process:

  • Provides postural stability
  • Reduces the strain on your joints
  • Decreases the risk of fall for the patient

Unweighted therapy is here and we're excited to share the benefits with our patients in McHenry, IL. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment - no referral or prescription required!