Knee Pain

Click here to watch this month’s video where we discuss more about knee conditions that respond well to physical therapist directed treatment.

Knee pain is a common condition. When someone experiences serious or chronic knee pain, the tendency is to want to “see” what’s going on with an MRI. As noted in this research article1, an MRI examination is not currently as important for the diagnosis of knee injuries as expected by both medical and lay communities. Instead, an exam and treatment by a physical therapist is often the best first choice.

The Three Exercises to Try If You Have Kneecap Pain

Knee Exercises

If you are experiencing kneecap pain, you might want to try these. Click here to watch the videos (scroll down the page to see them). Working on the hip muscles is an effective way to help decrease the pain, but before you try these or any other exercises, consult with your physical therapist first.
Cool Dinner Recipes for Those Hot Nights

Cool Dinner Recipes for Those Hot Nights

Tasty Recipes

Sometimes you just aren’t in the mood for a hot meal on a warm summer night. As such, we found a nice list of 30 cool and tasty recipes. Click here for the list and let us know which one you like.

Is Pain or a Sedentary Lifestyle Limiting Your Health & Wellbeing? If So, We Can Help!

Sedentary Lifestyle

In a recent paper published by the Journal of the American Medical Association, the authors compared time sitting and exercise habits in 2016 to those in 2008. Sadly, Americans are sitting more than ever and they aren’t getting enough exercise either.

If pain is the reason you aren’t exercising, your physical therapist is ideally suited to not only help you with your pain but also transition you into an exercise program and a more active lifestyle.


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