What is TMJ?

You might be surprised to know that we all have TMJ. Watch this month's video to learn more about what TMJ is, what to do when you have problems, and some thoughts on treatment and prevention. Click here to view the video.

The Best Exercise for Improving Neck Posture?

There are many exercises that impact the muscles and joints of the neck. This one could be the best exercise for improving the static posture of your neck. It's called a chin tuck. Click here for a video demonstration.

Chin Exercise

Before you start this or any other exercise, ask your physical therapist.

Recipes of the Month

Recipe of the Month

Apples are harvested from many local orchards in September. What better time to try some new recipes than right after you bring home a bag of fresh ones? Here are 70+ sweet to savory apple recipes. Give one a try, and let us know what you think.


Exercise Caution with Supplement Ads that Say They Will Improve Athletic Performance


For those that are especially active in sports or serious recreation, performance improvement is often desirable. However, there are a lot of supplements that may not have any science behind their claims. Here’s a good resource with some recommendations on dietary supplements for exercise and athletic performance. Click here.

How Your Physical Therapist can Help with Headaches


Did you know there are several different origins of headache pain? The good news is for some types of headache pain, physical therapy can be very effective. Learn more about how your therapist can help. Click here.

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