Three Common Diagnoses of the Foot and Ankle

Tens-of-thousands of people suffer with ankle or foot pain every day. This month we discuss natural solutions to three common diagnoses of the foot and ankle. Click here to view the video.

Happy Halloween - Make It a Safe One with These Tips!

Recipe of the Month

Halloween is that night every year when, according to old Celtic beliefs, spirits and the dead can cross over into the world of the living. It’s a night of celebration; don’t spoil it with an accident. Click here for some safety tips to ensure you have a great Halloween.

An Easier Way to Use the Stairs When Injured

Recipe of the Month

Pumpkin Spice Recipes for Every Occasion


Pumpkin spice, do you love it or think it’s overused? If you can’t wait for Fall and the pumpkin spice recipes, we found a bunch of them for you. From cocoa to scones, you’ll find a little bit of everything. While we don’t recommend you eat sweets on a regular basis, an occasional treat won’t hurt. Click here for the recipes.

How Your Physical Therapist can Help with Headaches


Did you know there are several different origins of headache pain? The good news is for some types of headache pain, physical therapy can be very effective. Learn more about how your therapist can help. Click here.

Physical Therapy Corner - Kneecap Pain Follow Up


As a follow up to our August theme, knee pain, we want to share a very nice summary of information about how physical therapy can help with kneecap or patellofemoral pain.

Click here to read the consumer web page or click here to download the PDF. The take home message: if you have kneecap pain, see us first!

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